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Thanks to my girl Rosalie Rivera for taking pics last night

Final northern California shows before I head to LA

I will also be playing a house show 4/12 in SJ

Casey Chisholm

In celebration of my 28th year of this life all my music is free for 3/30


Next week I turn 28. I have not celebrated my birthday in years. I often spend the day wishing I had done more by now. This one is different. They say you really celebrate the bench marks like at age 16 you can drive and at 18 you get porn and cigs… 21, bars & booze, at 24 you can rent a car. But for many reason 28 feels like the year I truly be come a man. Everything is changing this year. This seems like it might be the most significant year of my life.

People often make goals or resolutions around new years. I usually start around my birthday. Makes more scene to me. Its like my own new year and spring is a new beginning. I am ready to thrive. I am ready to be the best version of me. This goes beyond goals. I am ready to be more discipline than ever before. 

To celebrate making it through 27 I will be posting all of my music for free via Bandcamp on 3/30/14

When my heart breaks it feels like bits of my life crumble along with it.

I imagine that every time it happens I approach death more rapidly. 

Casey Chisholm

—Murphys Law

I have fallen out of meditation. My anxiety (due to events in my personal life) is so out of control I have been up since 3:30 am. I put new strings on my guitar and tracked this so calm myself but I still feel terrible and sick.

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